Perfect Perfumeries

One of my favorite things about discovering New York City are the beautifully designed perfumeries sprinkled throughout the city.

On a rainy evening in the West Village, I decided to venture down Bleecker Street and much to my pleasant surprise, I discovered two of my favorite perfume houses – Bond No. 9 and Diptyque.

The former, is a staple of New York City, with its headquarters located exactly where it’s name implies – 9 Bond St. These fascinating fragrances capture all thbonde neighborhoods, sites and sounds of this magical city in beautiful, star shaped bottles with namesake titles like Hamptons, Central Park West or Brooklyn (just some of my favorites). With 5 eponymous boutiques in New York, including counters at Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrod’s, this niche New York Fragrance company has more than 60 scintillating scents that will leave you yearning for more.

The latter, Diptyque, is a French perfumery just a few doors down As you walk in, you are greeted by a stunning IMG_7087reflective mural of the seasons wrapping the wall of the small, but cozy space. The hand-painted mirrored mural starts with Spring (at the front door), transitioning into Summer, Fall and Winter, respectively.

In the middle of the shop is a grand chandelier made of eponymous candle frosted glass casings.

With a number of products to chose from including bottled fragrances, solid perfumes and candles akin to their bottled fragrance counterparts, there is no shortage of fragrant fabulousness penetrating the air of this beautiful boutique on Bleecker Street.

If you have a chance to stop by this flagship store (or even one of the Department Store counters), be sure to treat your nose to one of my favorite scents – Philosykos.


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