Class Pass Craze

IMG_6968Searching for a fun way to explore the City and meet new people, I was recently introduced to the latest fitness fad, ClassPass.

Curious to understand what the craze was all about, I researched it and much to my surprise learned that for $100 a month, I could access hundreds of fitness classes throughout the five boroughs (yes, even the really popular ones like FlyWheel).

A fitness fan myself, I signed up immediately and am pretty impressed with my experience thus far. Because some of these classes can be somewhere around $30 per class, this membership is a great deal… plus, I never get bored!

So far, I’ve taken Spinning classes, Barre classes, a sexy chair dance class, a Reformer Pilates class, Hip Hop dance class and others. It’s been a fun, exciting way to stay in shape and explore the city.

Can’t wait to keep it up and get to movin’ all over town!


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