Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung and I couldn’t be more excited. Finally, this past weekend we had our first full weekend of skin bearing weather. As bright blue skies and glowing sun rays greeted us all weekend long, the streets were bustling with bubbly people excited with the more-than-reasonable temperatures.

As I stepped out, it didn’t take long for me to feel that same sense of joy and happiness as the sun struck my 14435face. Excited by such gorgeous weather, I made my way down to one of my favorite spots in the City – The Highline.

This above-ground urban oasis on New York’s West Side is an old rail line that was preserved and restored turning it into a 1.45 mile long pedestrian pathway high above the street. This public space runs between buildings and is lined with gorgeous flora, water features, art installations and plenty of patches for people to bask in NYC’s infinite glory (not to mention gorgeous views of the Hudson River).

02HIGHLINE_SPAN-articleLargeIf you’re visiting NYC or live here and have never been, this should definitely be on your “to do” list. But, I must warn, get there early or you won’t have a place to plant your bottom and soak in the rays!


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