The City That Never Sleeps

New York City is one of the only cities I’ve been to where every minute of every day there’s an event going on in every part of the city – and that’s exactly what last night turned out like.

IMG_8621After reading the Czardom board on FB (a chat room of sorts for people in PR/Media to share events/ideas/etc), I learned about a cool event hosting the CEO of Poshmark at one of my favorite spots in the city, Yoshi’s Living Room and Penthouse at the Flatiron Hotel. So, I grabbed my roomie (a PR maven and fellow lover of all things fashion) and headed out the door.

Upon arrival, we ascended to the the Penthouse level, where we were greeted by a room full of fashionistas. We gabbed and giggled a bit, and soon we were treated to a one hour Q&A with Mr. Poshmark himself, Manish Chandra and host, Liza Kindred of Third Wave Fashion. The room was all ears as Manish told us about the journey of Poshmark, the future of the company and helped us understand that “Fashion is about creating a community, a connection”. After the event was over we sipped on some delightful drinks, mingled and soon were on our way to the next event – the Tribeca Film Festival afterparty for ESPN’s Angry Sky at Up and Down on 14th Street.

IMG_8642As we entered the Moroccan inspired space, we were surrounded by film industry folks (and maybe even some imposters who made their way around the door and into the party), flowing cocktails and passed hors-d’oeuvres. We mingled and munched, and of course posed for pictures (mainly for each other), because let’s be honest, it wasn’t the most entertaining of the entertainment industry events.

After a few more sips of (free) bubbly, we ushered over to our next (pit) stop – Tao Downton. This Asian oasis is by far one of my favorite “hot spot” venues in the city. And while the food isn’t my favorite (I tend to prefer intimate settings with smaller kitchens – it allows for more attention to detail and food quality), the overall vibe is just on point (it almost makes me feel like SJP in SATC). IMG_8663

We met up with a group of friends who were hangin’ and having dinner. While they dined, we sipped and trendy tunes played in the background adding to the ultra sexy vibe.

Soon, our time was up, and it was on to yet the next (and final) place – Marquee…but not before we shared the most beautiful plate of decadent desserts (with a giant fortune cookie included!)

Just a few blocks up the street, we hopped out of the cab and onto the sidewalk in front of Marquee – one of those New York City nightlife staples that although being around for what seems like an eternity (especially in a city where the competition is fierce and life span short), is as hot now as it was when it first opened (and that means nearly impossible to get in if you’re not a model, a baller, or know one of the two).

IMG_8664Luckily, I had a friend in town who knew someone at the door, and before I could blink, we were in. And while I’m passed the stage of waiting in line for a club (been there, done that), it was a great time nonetheless and we danced, laughed and partied with great friends until the wee hours of the morning (not a regular weekday occurrence since I have to be up early for work).

All in all, last night was just a sneak peak of what it’s like to live in the City that Never Sleeps – a world full of options, fun and discovery. So with that said, start thinking outside the box, start networking and you never know where you just might end up tonight! Cheers!

**For more reviews and shares of local NYC venues, restaurants, and events, please visit my Instagram @Nikki_Takes_NewYork**


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