A Week Fit For a Princess

This week was all about opulence, class, and firsts… My first Opera and my first social etiquette seminar.

IMG_9033Yes, I frequent the Upper West Side (well, really every Manhattan neighborhood), and I’ve always dreamt about the day I’d be able to put on a fancy gown and attend my first opera at the world famous Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center. As I’d stroll by, I’d always see the glamorous guests arriving in their finest frocks and secretly wished that was me. Well, this Wednesday, my dream came true (at least part of it) as I was invited to attend my first Opera at this lovely New York City landmark.

Short on time, I didn’t get the opportunity to get dolled up, but I must say, it was nothing short of a fabulous experience.

The air was crisp and the sun was setting, peering in between the buildings, already setting the tone for a marvelous night ahead. As we ascended the stairs of the Josie Robertson Plaza, there stood a beautiful building with five towering glass-paneled arches illuminated by stunning Swarosky crystal chandeliers.

Upon entry, I immediately felt fancy – a grand stair case, gold leaf accents, rich red walls and I IMG_9013mustn’t forget a gathering of some of New York City’s most elite members of society (or so they seemed to be). As we hurried to our seats, I was still in awe at the opulence that surrounded us and was excited to see what the rest of the evening had in store.

Shorty after taking our seats, the lights were dimmed and it was show time. The orchestra began to play, the curtains were drawn, and the first of two short Operas was performed – Cavalleria Rusticana. The story, set in a Scillian plaza in the early 1900’s, was one of love, tragedy and drama – a common operatic theme.

With a brief intermission in between (great for some champagne sipping and perfect for some people watching), it was time for the second of the two bills, Pagliacci. This one seemed to be a more colorful and comical performance, yet, like most Operas catastrophic in the end.

IMG_8994At the end of three hours, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my experience. And although I don’t speak Italian, the stories were intriguing, entertaining and easy enough to follow…with the help of illuminated subtitles on the backs of the opera house seats, of course.

Still in a fancy frame of mind, the next morning I discovered the opportunity to attend a FREE crash course on social etiquette. Every girl wishes she was a princess, or could at least feel like one even if for a few hours, so I signed up for affair with etiquette expert and royal commentator, Myka Meier of Beaumont EtiquetteIMG_9074

The course was held at a private club off Park Avenue and was an elegant and very ladylike engagement. For two hours, Myka taught us all things prim and proper. We observed and learned a modern approach to how to be a lady including proper posture, poise and party preparation. Myka explained how to sit, look and feel like Princess Kate, how to carry yourself in public and how to achieve the “hostess with the hostess” status. I must say, I’m still feeling rather royal after that roundtable.

Overall, it was definitely a week fit for a princess!

Stay tuned for my upcoming adventures of the Kentucky Derby, NYC style and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more!


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