The Magic of Manhattan

imagesIt was Sunday afternoon, my roommate and I had just indulged in some East Village eats and were looking for something to do. As we sat along the sidewalk and sipped on our proverbial glass of Sunday champagne, we tossed around some ideas about how to spend the rest of our Sunday Funday. I remembered the Radio City Rockettes had a new show, the Spring Spectacular. I had been to their classic Christmas performance and was eager to check out this Spring special. Being my roommate had never experienced their long legged leaps and crazy high kicks, we decided we would explore that option. So we looked up tickets and much to our surprise, Groupon had a coupon for almost half off! Out came the credit cards and with the touch of a finger we were soon on our way to see the world famous Radio City Rockettes.

We rushed up to Midtown where the renowned Radio City Music Hall is located. As we arrived, the iconic vertical neon sign greeted us, lighting up the 6th avenue lanes. Having a few minutes to spare, we popped over to Magnolia Bakery’s 48th street shop for some sweet treats before the show – a lovely little bake shop known for their red velvet cupcakes and made famous by the girls from the Sex and the City cast.

With cupcakes and cafecito (also known as Espresso for you non-Cubans) in tow, we scurried into the theatre. The throngs of theatre-goers and dazzling art deco décor were just setting the tone for a eventful evening ahead. Within minutes we were handed LED adorned wristbands and 3-D glasses and soon in our seats. Before we knew it, it was show time!


Suddenly, the orchestra started playing Taylor Swfit’s “Welcome to New York” and there they were, in all their glory, the Radio City Rockettes! Dressed in black, white and red costumes adorned with a “heartbeat”, they were perfectly positioned in front of giant sized letters “NEW YORK” – the city that made them famous! I got goosebumps. The energy was high, the music was marvelous and the crowd was cheery.

ny-spring-spectacular4As they twirled and tapped, they “told” the story of the “City that never sleeps” through a selection of scenes, each depicting an iconic New York City backdrop (think Central Park, the MET Art Museum, the top of the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station, just to name a few). One scene, a homage to Gene Kelley’s “Singin’ In the Rain” was perhaps my favorite of them all. The Rockettes, dressed in bright yellow rain coats and swirled umbrellas, splished and splashed in sync on a rainy Central Park set. They, along with a talented tap dancer, and the main character, Jack, performed a perfect routine that amazed the audience.

Some of the other scenes included a Fashion Week “runway show” with on-screen cameos by Izaac Mizrahi, Diane Von Furstenberg and Zac Posen, a walk through the bright lights of Times Square, a whirlwind tour of New York’s sports teams and venues, a meeting with the New York Public Library’s iconic lions, Patience and Fortitude (voiced over by Tina Fey & Amy Poehler!) and an classic kickline display set to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”.March 5, 2015: Rehearsal for the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

After an action packed hour of dazzling dancing and sensational singing, I was even more in love with the magic of Manhattan as performed by the Radio City Rockettes. The storyline, choreography, set design and overall production were first class! The show was a definite delight and one you cannot miss!


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