Mystery on Mulberry

“I think this is it…Oh no, wait wrong building.. Is it this one? No, that one either…. Here it is! (no address)”. On a recent Thursday afternoon, in need of some creative cocktails and a cool crowd, I was on a quest to find 249 Mulberry, better known as Mulberry Project. After having heard rave reviews from my roomie (and plenty of others), I just knew I had to make finding this little gem a priority.

IMG_9568After just barely finding it (it bares no building number), I made my way down a set of rather unassuming stairs leading into a booming basement. It was just shy of 7 PM and the small, but lively space was bustling with bar goers. The bartender was focused and the custom cocktails were flowing.

As I poked around, I noticed a backdoor leading somewhere. I made my way through the door and there I found an intimate outdoor oasis surrounded by strung garden lights and darling décor. Although there was no seating at the moment, I found my way back to the bar to have a drink and wait for my table to be ready (you can’t not sit outside, it’s just too gorgeous!)

IMG_9598At the bar, don’t bother with the drink menu as the key to really enjoying this secret speakeasy is trusting the elixir experts behind the bar. When asked, I let the bar tender know I wanted some refreshing and fruity, and the result was a delicious concoction of gin, cucumber, basil and watermelon (and that was just for starters)… basically heaven in a glass.

After taking the initial sip of this lovely libation (a moment of pure bliss), I continued to soak in the great vibes I felt flowing from this place. I was really hungry and couldn’t wait to plop down and dig in, but soon our table was ready, and I must admit, it was worth the wait!

Sitting outside in this pretty little patio, I felt transcended to another place. As a matter of fact, MP is currently hosting a Tulum Pop-up Patio bringing a little slice of paradise to the Big Apple with a theme pop up inspired by “La Isla Escondida” (The Hidden Island) off the coast of Tulum, Mexico.

IMG_9572Soon enough we were ordering our food and in for even more of a treat. We ordered the “Tator Tots” (OMG), the Grilled Cheese and the Deviled Eggs – My diet was definitely out the door, but who cares when food is that good! As we continued to munch and sip, the strung garden lights became brighter and the night just got better – I definitely felt like I was somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy New York City streets.

Finally, the night came to an end and it was time to leave (I kind of had to force myself out of this little urban oasis). But before we could leave (and as they brought the check), we were presented with a little notebook (their version of a guest book), where we were invited to share comments, draw pictures or anything that would relate our experience. It was a lovely touch and just one of the many details that definitely did not go unnoticed!

All in all, I can’t wait to go back to MP and indulge in more their insanely delicious offerings! Oh and PS. They have a sister restaurant called The Greenwich Project! That’s definitely next on my list.

For more on Mulberry Project, visit their website at


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