High in the Sky – A Rooftop Review

Ok, so it might still officially be Spring, but with Summer sentiments in full swing (yes, the winter was way too long), why not start the celebration early perched high above the “City That Never Sleeps”? In case you haven’t yet discovered there’s level to this ‘ish (the City, I mean)! Way above the typical mayhem of Manhattan sits the magic of Manhattan – some of NYC’s finest rooftop bars. These swanky sipping saloons are lavish and luxurious and boast some of the most picturesque panoramas of the city you’ll ever lay your eyes on. As a matter of fact, every time I stop into one of these splendid spots, I can’t help but feel like I’m floating on a cloud (actually, I might just be physically close enough).

Now, as I’m sure you can imagine, there are plenty of places claiming redefined rooftop respite, but these New York City “top” spots make the coveted list for obvious (and some not-so-obvious reasons). Let the Summer Soirees commence, ladies and gentlemen!

Le Bain at the Standard
– High above the Highline (still one of my favorite places in NYC, high or low) is the Standard’s raging rooftop. The views of the Hudson alone are worth the wait (and hassle with the doorman), but the beautiful people steppin’ and sippin’ on deck don’t hurt either. Don’t forget to bring your deep pockets and your fabulous fashion…here, the doorman means business! And if you can make your way into the Boom Boom Room (the Standard’s indoor retro-inspired VIP room) for a glass of sunset champagne, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Jimmy at the James – Trying to beat the Summer Heat? While the James’ rooftop pool and breezy deck at Jimmy might cool you down, this place is one of New York City’s hottest spots to be this Summer. Situated in Soho, Jimmy is a jumpin’ joint with laid-back beats, luscious libations and vast views of the Hudson. But just like Le Bain, you’ll have to dazzle the doorman if you want to make it to the top!

The Roof at the Viceroy – Ahhhhh, Central Park – the scenic scape spanning more than 843 acres in this concrete jungle we call home. And while its hard to resist any views of this luscious landscape, just imagine a bird’s eye view of it! Perched midway between Midtown and heaven, “The Roof” of the Viceroy Hotel on 57th street, boasts some of the most striking scenes of Central Park you’ve ever seen! This ____ floor modern, yet sophisticated indoor/outdoor space will make you feel like you’ve been invited to a mega millionaire’s bad ass bachelor pad! The oak colored floor and matching chairs in the modern marine inspired lounge, open up onto a small, but sophisticated concrete deck overlooking the Park.

Press Lounge at Ink 48 While this hot hotel might be in Hell’s Kitchen (aka No-man’s land), its undeniable this rooftop is ranked as one of New York’s best. Presenting us with unobstructed views of both east and west, a huge indoor/outdoor party patio and some of the best beverage blends you’ve ever had, its no wonder why Press Lounge continues to make the top of this list!

Refinery Rooftop – An old hat making facility, this venue boasts stunning views of New York City’s most iconic landmark, the Empire State Building. Set at the top of the Refinery Hotel on 38th Street in the Fashion District, Refinery Rooftop has a cool vibe, dapper décor and obviously some of the best views of the ESB (and the rest of the city). A retractable roof, grand terrace and perfectly placed seating around the area, make it easy to never want to come down from this high.

Rooftop Runner Ups – Spyglass at the Archer Hotel, STK, Plunge at Gansevoort Meatpacking, Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel, Brass Monkey, Wythe Hotel, Met Garden Rooftop, Loopy Doopy at the Conrad, Gallow Green, Hotel Chantelle, PHD at the Dream Hotel, Level R at the Empire Hotel.


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