A Modern Manhattan Meal – The Project Sara Experience

What do you get when you combine food, fun and forgetting the ordinary? Dining Reconstructed: An Off Menu Experience – The ultimate in redefined, social dining experiences by Project Sara, Inc.

DSC_0036Combining the love of creative cuisine and crafty cocktails in a unique and mobile setting, this pop-up project came to Viraj Borkar and Abhishek Khade when they sought more than the conventional chef/mixologist brick and mortar combination. This collaboration of undiscovered, yet beyond talented individuals, allows the guest to take part in a reconstructed, microrestaurant dining experience, never set in the same place twice.

Established as an exclusive membership based program, each dining experience takes place as a one-night affair of creative collaborations in distinctive, unique venues around the City. Diners are given the opportunity to book a table at upcoming events, following the progress of their favorite Chefs/Mixologists over a period of time. PS creates a space for creative, inquisitive and social minds alike to gather under one roof and share a special experience.DSC_0014

Thursday’s launch was set in an industrial type space in Chelsea’s Starret-Lehigh building – a cutting edge, state-of-the-art depot known for hosting some of the biggest events in NYC. As guests met and mingled, the living room like lounge area, music-mixing DJ and white clothed dining space set the tone for an affair to be remembered. And that was just the beginning…DSC_0020

This month’s SP shindig featured Chopped winner, Chef Evelyn Garcia and top New York City mixologist, Jeremy Buck. Offering unnamed but extraordinary bites and beverages, each Garcia and Buck delighted diners with their top-talent creations. Both food and beverage menu are engineered in grid style to be read horizontally left to right. This format was designed with the diner’s experience in mind allowing each guest to be open-minded, as well as allowing unrestrained creativity for the talent. Garcia presented us with bites inspired by her Mexican background and Asian travels including ingredients like tamarind, tea oil, coco cream and shiso. The flavors and combinations were dynamic, yet simple, forming a well-balanced bite for the pallet.

Complimenting these flavors were Buck’s bold beverage blends. Having extensive experience in the cocktail industry, Buck brings his expertise to the bar shakin’ and stirrin’ lovely libations combining spirits like mescal and port with interesting ingredients like jalapeno and tomato. One of Buck’s most curious (and flavorful) cocktail creations included St. George Terroir, tomato, strawberry and soda – a sumptuous Summer sipper to say the least! DSC_0040

All in all, the Project Sara, Inc. party was unparalleled in taste and execution. I’m excited to see what this daring duo has to bring to the table and looking forward to exploring a modern Manhattan meal with food fanatics and cocktail connoisseurs alike!


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