New York’s Nectar Newbie

“In a New York Minute”. That’s how us New Yorkers live our lives – hurried, hustling and hectic. So finding time to eat, with such on-the-go schedules, is difficult. And when we do, we spend loads of money for access to convenient meal options, often ingesting unrecognizable ingredients into our bodies. Enter Pure Green.

Now, Pure Green isn’t a revolutionary concept. As a matter of fact, tons of other   companies have been claiming the “Juice King” title for years. But for Pure Green, it’s not about claiming commercial clout; it’s about investing in quality products and the people who consume them, their customers. For these nectar newbies, it’s about taking a personalized approach to ensuring their clients are receiving accurate information and guidance, personalized products, and a smile with your service while they’re at it.

For starters, Pure Green makes “made-to-order” smoothies with the finest products, ensuring each cup of goodness, tastes just like the last (I tried it myself, they aren’t lying). They also offer three juice cleanse options on their menu. These juices (unlike many out there) are cold pressed and use a Non-HPP process (or high pressure processing) to extract the liquid from the produce (meaning the juice is pressed, instead of blended, keeping the nutrients in tact…the whole purpose of juicing, right?).

But what really sets them apart is what most company’s don’t do – allow their clients to customize their juicecleanse based on their needs. Well, Pure Green does! Kayla Moreno, one of Pure’s “coaches”, sets up a one on one orientation to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrients and instruction you need, and if you don’t like one of the juices, you can swap it out for one that your taste buds agree with (but you’ll probably love all of them anyway)! Now, that’s great customer service!

Founder, Ross Franklin established a company where the customer is paramount and it’s evident at Pure Green (certainly not the norm I’ve experienced). From the moment I entered the clean, streamlined shop, to the time I swallowed my first sip, I knew what I was getting is good stuff.

acai bowlWhether you’re sipping one of their eight smoothies fueled with superfoods and goodness, drinking one of their ten bright, flavorful cold-pressed juices, or munching down on one of their scrumptious (yet sensible) snacks like the Acai Bowl (there are five flavors), their version of PB & J, or their oh-so-popular (and insanely delicious) chia puddings, you can’t go wrong. And guess what? – A percentage of your purchase goes to helping bring pure water to the world! Good for me AND good for mankind? Yes, please!

Jumping on the juicing bandwagon doesn’t have to be challenging, or expensive for that matter, and Pure Green proves that. So whether you’re a health nut already and want a new option from the mainstream, or are looking for a great, affordable (it’s surprisingly inexpensive compared to others) alternative to transition to a healthier lifestyle, then stop by one of Pure Green’s two Manhattan locations (more coming soon!) for a fresh start (or end) to your day. Drink up my fellow New Yorkers!



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