A Surprise in Central Park

summerstage4When your friend calls you at 5 PM on a Monday at work and tells you about tickets to a free concert in Central Park, and it’s Stevie Wonder, you drop everything you’re doing and go!

That’s what happened yesterday as I was getting to round out my workday. Forever a lover of Stevie Wonder’s music (and live music…especially free), I couldn’t help but be excited. So I dropped everything I was doing and hopped on the train, making my way to Central Park’s Summer Stage just off the 69th street and 5th avenue entrance to the park. summerstage2There, we found a small stage surrounded by a large open area and some bleachers, and laid our blanket down for the pop-up performance. We grabbed pizza and beer from the on-site vendors and soon were being serenaded by the superstar himself, Stevie Wonder.

summerstage3He opened up his act with some new tunes from his upcoming album, and although I didn’t know the lyrics, it was no time before he started playing some of his most famous hits like “Sir Duke” and “Love’s In Need of Love Today”. He entertained people of all ages and backgrounds, because let’s be honest, he’s a timeless classic.


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