Ladies First – Keds for a Cause

IMG_0324Certainly there are no shortage of cool, fun, and exciting endeavors to explore in NYC. But yesterday, was especially awesome. As I was scrolling through Twitter (part of my morning routine), I stumbled upon a tweet from Keds promoting Women’s Equality Day. As if that weren’t cool enough,  the kicks company was giving away a free pair of sneaks to anyone who showed up to their mobile van parked at Washington Square Park on this day of the dames.

This Boston-based brand had 1,916 pairs of snazzy sneaks to share with me and my fellow New Yorkers on this Women’s Wednesday. Why that number you ask? Well apparently, this cool co will be celebrating their centennial pretty soon. Yes, can you believe it? This favorite childhood trademark is turning 100!


Of course, like anyone else, I like free stuff, and when it’s linked to a positive, social cause (especially one honoring my fellow females), you know I had to partake in the promotion! So, just after work, I hopped on the train and jetted over to the distribution site.


Upon arrival, and as expected, there was a line around the corner, but that didn’t stop me! I waited in line and as the Keds promotion peeps handed out all sorts of styles, I had my eyes on a lovely leopard pair. Soon it was my turn, and much like ordering a sweet summertime treat at an ice cream truck, I stepped right up to the window, placed my order (“Leopard, 7 1/2, please”), and within seconds, was the proud owner of some pretty funky and fabulous footgear. And let me not forget to mention, all while supporting a super important cause – putting ladies first!

Keep up the good (and cool) work, Keds!

IMG_0325         IMG_0323


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