All Aboard – Happy Hour on the Hudson

mecessYes New York City is chock full of great spots to drink, dine and discuss, but let’s be real, the same ol’ rooftop, beer garden or local neighborhood bar can get kinda boring if you’re like me and constantly seek new nooks. So when I discovered the Grand Banks earlier this summer, I was totally stoked! Keep reading for more on where you can get your happy hour drink on this weekend –

boatThis all wood, historic 1940’s fishing boat (the Sherman Zwicker) turned seasonal oyster bar (and perfect drinking destination) is docked at Pier 25 at Hudson River Park for only a few months a year. Providing a fantastic alternative to your run of the mill watering hole, the Grand Banks serves up a crafty (and nautically inspired) cocktail menu featuring a pretty decent beer and wine list for the more conventional types. The so-cool sailboat also offers typical sea fare including oysters, a mean lobster roll and other delectable delights.

boat1A favorite of the NYC Summer scene, this vessel has a really relaxed feel and vibe. There are people soaking in the rays on the back deck of the boat (though I didn’t see any swimsuit clad individuals…not that kind of party), some sitting under large yellow-striped canopies sipping their favorite beverages, or looking over and out nestled at the peak of the bow.

It’s definitely a popular drinking destination for New Yorkers (and some tourists alike), so be prepared to potentially wait in line to board.  But no worries, whether you choose to anchor a seat or bob around the boat, there’s no shortage of opportunities to mingle and soak in the endless enchanting views of the magic of Manhattan as seen from the Hudson. Just don’t forget your Dramamine because if you have motion sickness like me, it’s going to be a long haul – it is a boat on the water after all.

manhattanDay or night, this is a perfect place to take a date, hang with some friends or even check out on your own as there’s no shortage of cool cats and good lookin’ ladies and gents with whom to share a sip or strike up a convo. But don’t wait too long, they’re only around until the end of Summer. See you there! Cheers!


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