Never Forget – A Tribute to the Resiliency & Resurrection of New York City

Twin Towers NY 14I remember visiting the Twin Towers when I was just a young girl, going all the way to the top, The Windows of the World Restaurant, looking out those windows and realizing what a beautiful, powerful, magnetic, and vibrant city New York is. I stood there in awe, impressed, trying to make sense of it all and understand what this place meant to the world. And then I realized what it meant to me – I realized New York is the mecca of greatness, of pride, of strength. It is an international symbol of opportunity and possibilities.

From that moment, I knew, I wanted nothing more than to live in this magical, enchanting city — a city with great might and endless possibilities in sight. 

Today, on my way to work in the very neighborhood where a tragic event took the lives of so many and decimated these towering structures, I look at the One World Trade Center standing in its place. This memorial to the iconic structures that once rose high above the city, symbolizes everything New York stood for, and still stands for, and reflects the same powerful, magnetic, vibrant energy that was, is, and always will be New York.

Today we remember lives lost and hearts broken, but we also remember the compassion, strength and resiliency of New York City, its structures, its people, its community. This is the city of dreams, of possibilities, of magic, and I count my blessings every day to be able to call this place “Home”.


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