Color Your World – Finding Inspiration in Your Daily Life

riz2 - CopyToday was one of the most stressful, physically grueling days. From all the way uptown, to downtown, and even getting lost and taking the train in the wrong direction, it was horrible. Until, toward the very end, I saw this guy — Riz Robinson– A New York born and raised street artist who transformed his once frowned upon talent (graffiti some call it) into greatness. He’s now part of the Harlem Arts Collective, beautifying the city with murals, painting on unorthodox canvasses (old doors in particular), displaying his art from street corners, to local bars, to the finest of galleries on Park Avenue.

I whizzed by him in a hurry to get to where I was going, but then I stopped…at first, to take a picture, then to verbally praise and admire his work. A bright, wide smile, and a pride to match, greeted me. It wasn’t an arrogant pride, but pride to share beautiful colors, images and imagination with New Yorkers like me, too hurried to stop and admire the beauty around, a beauty that manifests itself in so many forms.

Today, Riz colored my world with just a few strokes of his genuine spirit and endless talent – A world that sometimes gets faded by mundane routine, self absorbed agendas and a tendency in many of us to get caught up.

riz1 - CopySo tomorrow, or even tonight on your way home from work, stop to find the Riz’s of the world…they’re out here, right under our noses, you just have to stop and “see” them.


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