Scent of A Woman – A Personalized Perfume Experience

scent3Ever walk by someone and get a whiff of their amazing aroma? It happens to me all the time and that scent seems to transcend me to another space in time. Fragrance has an amazing way of evoking memories and taking you somewhere special. For years now, I’ve been seduced by the wonderful world of perfumes and can admit, I’m just a tad bit obsessed with finding that perfectly fabulous fragrance. Enter, The Scentarium.

Weeks ago, I was scrolling through a PR networking site I’m a member of when one particular post struck my fancy. Sue Phillips, elixir extraordinaire, was offering a free bespoke scent making workshop in her studio in Tribeca. Ever the lover of luxury, I immediately contacted Sue for my chance to craft my own cologne.

scent5As I entered her small, but beautifully decorated studio, I immediately felt welcomed. Sue greeted me with sweet treats, smooth sounds, and a warm smile. As I sat down to chat with her, I learned about her professional career in the industry and how her love of fragrance was born. In speaking with her, I learned she and I shared the same passion for perfume. We talked about old and new scents alike and what we loved about them.

After our exchange, she brought me to the mixing table and took me on a journey. scent6Before me were twenty or so oils, each very distinct in nature. But first, she handed me a short quiz. The quiz asked me questions like “What are your favorite seasons?”, “What is your dream vacation?” or “Which artist inspires you most?”. As I shared my answers with Sue, she told me how my selections paired with scents I would normally like. It was quite an interesting assessment of my choice of attar.

Once that was done, she dipped small strips, one by one, little by little, into each jar. As I placed each strip under my nose, I sniffed each one over and over, really analyzing each aroma. As I did this, Sue walked me through the blend, giving me the history of each scent and how it came about – some from animals, others from nature, some from ancient times, and some which were even achieved by mistake (cue the classic, Coco Channel’s No. 5).

scent1I placed them into piles – “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”. Some were beautiful, others simply not my style. When my “Yes” pile was confirmed, Sue helped me narrow it down to three or four favorites. She then blended the four identified aromas into a beautiful bouquet and when all was said and done she said “Now think of a name. Any name. Be creative”. As the scent simmered under my nose, I thought about what it reminded me of, where it took me. I decided to name it “Sol e Mar” (Sun and Sea), for my dad’s native homeland, Cuba. Its masculine, but fresh fragrance, was an evocation of it all.

scent2All in all, it was a lovely, and luxurious, experience. Learning the history of fragrance, listening to Sue speak passionately about perfume and having the opportunity to create, craft and combine beautiful blends of oils into one of my own, Sol e Mar, was a such a special, personalized experience. And the best part is that Sue keeps your fragrance on file so if you ever want to reorder it, all you have to do is ask!

If you’re interested in personalizing a perfume for yourself or a special person in your life, then The Scentarium is the place to go. For more information on how to book your custom creation, contact Sue Phillips at or call 646-350-6562 or 917-449-1134


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