A Haunted Holiday – Halloween in New York City

IMG_2376An average day in New York City presents a cast of characters as is, but add Halloween to the mix and what you get is a city of crazy! One of the biggest “holidays” in NYC, Halloween is one of those revered celebrations that leaves no stone unturned.

Every year, nearly 50,000 people march down 6th Avenue from Spring Street to 18th Street in one of the biggest Halloween parades in the country. Thousands of others, come as spectators to gawk at the crazies and creative of NYC as they make their way through the city.

This year, everyone from Ghost Busters to Marty McFly to the cast of Michael Jackson’s thriller were present at the 42 annual New York City Halloween Parade. And while it was exciting to be part of the parade party, if you didn’t get to line up at the edge of the street early, it was more like a parade pain in the a**.

IMG_2434Being it was our first Halloween in the city, we didn’t know what to expect and like true Miami girls running on Cuban time (that means an hour and a half late), we were more like pin balls then participating spectators. And though I was able to catch a glimpse of the parade through the screen on my Iphone propped up in the air for “optimal” picture opps, I couldn’t help but want to bolt.

We ended up heading towards the West Village (where many revelers unite after the parade), and wound up at Employees Only, one of my favorite speakeasies in the City. There, we rocked out to 80’s band jams while similarly dressed bar tenders served up some tasty adult treats aka cocktails.

We had a blast and loved every minute of being dressed up, and though next year I hope to have better secured plans, really anywhere you go in the city, you’ll find a party… and definitely some wild costumes. Here’s to next year’s Halloween adventures!


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