An “Amazin” Adventure – Celebrating America’s Favorite Past Time at the World Series

IMG_2650The beauty of living in New York City is the endless spontaneity that comes your way when you open yourself up to it. So this weekend when the opportunity presented itself to attend Game 5 of the World Series at Citi Field, you know I said yes!

Not really one for baseball, or sports for that matter, going to watch the Mets v. Royals play in the Superbowl of baseball, was more about the social experience than about my athletic enthusiasm. But what I didn’t know, is that once I arrived, I’d soon be transformed.

As I hopped aboard the 7 train toward the Mets-Willis Point stop, I was surrounded by a sea of orange and blue. For more than 30 minutes, all I could hear was chatter and chanting, “Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go Mets!” When I arrived at the stadium, the fandom was fierce. I was immediately feeling the Mets pride and so was this buddy – a Mets loving Pitbull who has become a main attraction at the games.IMG_2656IMG_2663IMG_2667

After a pre-party in the VIP tent, it was time to take it to the field and watch the magic happen, but not before I got a personalized tour of the stadium giving me insight into some of the stadiums secrets. Some of these insider insights included things like why the team is called the Mets (a nickname for the Metropolitans), why their real nickname is the Amazin’s (a name given to them by their manager in the 1960’s), and even where the neon sign above the food pavilion came from (the sign on the old Shea stadium where the team formerly played). And among all of that I also got a tour of the mini museum, learned about the architectural asthetics and also learned why people wear Batman masks (a homage to Matt Harvey, the team’s superstar pitcher, who was deemed to have come save “Gotham” by a New York Times reporter).IMG_2672IMG_2674IMG_2679

Chock full of fun facts, I was ready for my night at the ball game – Mets hat on and beer in hand and all. As I sat there wondering if I could make it through all 9 innings (it was a long, event-filled weekend after all), the energy in that stadium was undeniable and my excitement grew.IMG_2689IMG_2708IMG_2691

When Tony Bennett sang the National Anthem, and three Hall of Famers threw out the ceremonial first pitch, it was time to play ball! The Mets were leading the way for several innings and fans cheered for their team and jeered at the opposing. But not before long, a win turned to a loss and fans were singing a different tune.IMG_2696

Yes, the Mets lost, and it was a somber mood, but I must say, I have a new found love for baseball, its fans and the history that made it America’s favorite past time.


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