Sunday Morning Source of Inspiration – The New York City Marathon

IMG_2616New York City is a great source of inspiration on a daily basis, but when you wake up on a Sunday morning to witness paraplegics, octogenarians, blind individuals and more than 50,000 people from all around the world take to the streets for the 26 mile New York City marathon, its not hard to feel an immediate sense of wanting to take over the world.

IMG_2475This past Sunday marked the 45th anniversary of this world renowned race. Originally started in 1970 with only 127 participants, the entry fee was only $1 and the total event cost was $1,000. Now, this run through five boroughs in New York City has come to be known as one of the most popular marathons around the world, and is a multi-million dollar event hosted by big name sponsors and lead by some of the most seasoned athletes in the world (and even some in costume!).IMG_2611

While the New York City Marathon is a physically challenging and mentally grueling experience, it is one of the greatest bonding exercises, uniting people, establishing a sense of pride, renewal and hope for many. Whether they’re running to fulfill a personal accomplishment or in honor of someone they know, this magical marathon is one of those iconic New York City moments you just can’t miss!IMG_2508IMG_2451


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