A Feast I Fancy – An NYC Restaurant Review

americancut2We all know there are tons of things to do in New York City, but dining out happens to be one of my favorites. With so many places to go, yet so little time (and money) to cover them all, I’ve been keeping a log of those coveted spots I’m dying to check out, marking them with an “X” to demarcate I’ve conquered some of my grubbing goals. And while the list is seemingly never ending, I’m making myself a promise never to visit the same place twice (at least not if it’s up to me). So as part of my “No Restaurant Left Behind” pledge to my foodie self, check out five of my latest “Nibbles with Nikki” restaurant reviews –

Daniel by Daniel Boloud

Daniel1Sophisticated. Fancy. Expensive. That’s what you can expect from the Upper East Side brasserie by the highly acclaimed chef, and the restaurant’s namesake, Daniel Boloud. Offering two options, a four course meal, or a seven course Chef’s tasting menu, you can expect nothing but pure decadence at Daniel. With immaculate service and an even more impeccable list of the finest of foods including truffle risotto, a lobster ganache appetizer, among others, this menu, and restaurant, is something to remember. But if your palate, or your wallet for that matter, don’t match, this might not be the spot for you…or maybe just better left for VERY special occasions.

Marc Forgione

mfNestled on a quiet street in Tribeca, this namesake restaurant is the perfect go to spot for date night, a birthday celebration, or simply just because. With rustic décor and a menu to match, Marc Forgione knows what he’s doing when it comes to restaurants. Offering items like blistered Shishito Peppers to start, a nicely prepared piece of Halibut en crute (nice and crispy), and some warm (and soft) chocolate chip cookies to finish off your meal, I’d say there’s something for everyone at this Tribeca charmer. And don’t be hesitant to sit at the bar – the bartenders are quite friendly and equally as knowledgeable.


janeThis place had me at Toasted Ricotta Gnocc… Ok, let me refocus here. When I say everything we had was delicious and onpoint, believe me. From the French fries, to the French Toast, and everything in between, Jane in Greenwhich Village should definitely be one of those go-to Sunday Brunch spot. Rather casual, but cute, this Greenwhich gem of an eatery was packed (per usual) all day on a Sunday (and I can only imagine the rest of the week as well). While I wasn’t impressed by the décor (ok, so I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing locales), the food and service were all the rage. So next time you’re looking for casual, but fabulous fare, give Jane a ring. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Oh, and if you can’t make it there, check out their sister restaurant, The Smith – equally as satisfying!

The River Cafe

riverJust across the pond (ok, fine, the river) in Brooklyn, sits a charming, one-of-a-kind venue called The River Café. Just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, this perfectly set, romantic restaurant boasts some of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen of Manhattan. Almost feeling like you’re on the set of movie made about Manhattan, this spot is perfect for dates, special occasions or even power dinners. Another four course meal, you can’t go wrong with most of the selections, including the short rib ravioli with freshly shaved black truffle on top! Now that’s worth a celebration in and of itself!

American Cut

americancut3Much like his namesake restaurant, Marc Forgione won us over when he brought this New York City steak nook to life in 2013. Known for its prime cuts of meat, killer sides, and amazing appetizers, American Cut Steakhouse is a Tribeca staple. While everything on the menu looked as delicious as the place is beautiful (think Great Gatsby style), you can’t go wrong with items like the Bone Marrow, Hamachi Tartar and the CrackerJack Sunday to top it all off! And hey, you may even run into a Mets player or two, as rumor has it this is the spot Mets’ poster boy, Matt Harvey, was hangin’ out a few nights before his big premier at the World Series.


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