A Fireside Chat – Top 5 Fancy Fireplaces to Cozy Up To This Winter

fireThe Winter can be harsh, but when you have a fabulous fireplace to cozy up to and enjoy some decadent drinks and cool conversations, the last thing you’re left thinking about is how you couldn’t feel your face before you plopped down next to the warmth. So now that Jonas has come and gone and left us with (now dirty) piles of snow, what better way to kick back and relax than by some burning logs. Here are my top five favorite fireplaces to check out this winter (in no particular order) – either by yourself, with friends or a special someone. After all, it is “cuffing season”, isn’t it? 

  1. The Beatrice Inn – Part rustic, part fabulous, this hidden gem in the West Village is a sexy and sophisticated  subterranean spot featuring a full length bar, a full dining room, and of course a fireplace (actually more than one!)
  2. Gramercy Park Hotel – All swank, this Gramercy Park hotspot is no stranger to New Yorkers in the know. As soon as you enter, a gorgeous grand salon, equipped with a fireplace, greets you, and is just the beginning of a fabulous night on the town. Don’t miss their two beautiful bars hidden toward the back, Jade Bar and Rose Bar.
  3. Jimmy at the James – High above Soho sits this ultra-sexy and modern lounge offering exquisite views of the city, well-crafted cocktails, and a fabulous roaring fire. And if you’re brave, venture out to their small, but stunning pool deck with unobstructed views.
  4. The Bar at Bowery Hotel – This downtown cool, yet historically hip lobby area and bar is the quintessential New York hang out spot. Quiet, yet cool, when you’re sitting here, you feel like you could be sitting in a low key cabin in the mountains – except you’re not, you’re in the middle of Manhattan.
  5. The Jane Hotel – The Westside is where it’s at, and The Jane Hotel proves that. What looks like could be Manhattan’s coolest cat’s digs, is actually the lobby bar area, equipped with gorgeous decor and a fierce fireplace. Oh, and don’t be afraid to get on the table and shake your groove thang – apparently it’s the norm there.

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