Bunnies, Bonnets & Bagels – An NYC Easter Sunday Review

IMG_3175Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down…5th Avenue? Yup! This ain’t your traditional Easter ya know? Since the 1870s, the New York City Easter Bonnet Festival has been a cultural hit on Easter Sunday, generation after generation. No matter how old, where you’re from, or even what your religion, there’s no one who doesn’t enjoy the stunning (and silly) sights of the bright and beautiful bonnets that line 5th Avenue between 51st and 55th Streets in Midtown Manhattan! At its peak, it drew over a million people from across the world!

Though it has no real religious significance, it celebrates the new life that Spring breathes into the City. The bright and festive colors and creativity put into the creation of these crowns is something you can’t miss.

This year, hoping to start our morning off on a peppy and pretty start, my mom and I headed to the fun festival for just a few minutes before our bagel brunch at Sadelle’s – the latest launch from NYC’s Major Food Group. In between home and St. Patrick’s (where the celebrations commence), we saw a few revelers rushing to the round up.


But when we arrived, it was a sea of super! I was so overwhelmed with excitement, it was hard to keep track. But, despite all the distractions, not only was I able to capture some really elaborate and entertaining hats, but some pretty festive hounds, too!



And while some people stick to decorating their headdress with beautiful blooms and cute cottontails, others incorporate fashion, food and definitely some funk!



After 20 minutes of capturing almost 200 images (yes, I was trigger happy), it was time to head over to Soho for a brunch I’ve been waiting over a month for! Late last year (September 2015), NYC’s trendy restaurant rulers, Major Food Group (think Santina, Dirty French and Carbone), opened up the long-awaited Sadelle’s!IMG_3291

This beautiful bright and brick walled space on West Broadway is the turnt up version of your neighborhood Jewish deli. With it’s own fishmonger slicing the freshest Lox and Sturgeon, to it’s own bagel capsule and baker, Sadelle’s is a sophisticated, yet cozy place to start your weekend off right – just make sure you dial in your reservations way ahead of time or expect to wait an eternity as a walk in!




Lucky for me, I was able to snag a two top a few weeks ago for my mom’s visit to the Big Apple. Once we were seated, our eyes opened wide at the delicious selection of Jewish dishes and delicacies this eatery had to offer. While I opted for the House Salmon with an Everything Bagel 2.0 (it has Fennel & Caraway Seeds in addition to the traditional toppings), mom had the Salmon Benedict with a Bloody Mary to wash down the goods.




Not only was everything beyond delicious (and yes, pricey), but the presentation, service and décor were equally on par (and might I mention the wallpaper in the bathroom?!?).


The restaurant is open from breakfast to dinner (and includes take out), 7 days a week, and is definitely the talk of the town (Don’t be surprised if you run into a few celebrities). And while we may have feasted at a Jewish deli for Easter brunch, it was the perfect compliment to a beautiful Sunday with my Mama Llama. Until next Easter!



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