A Heidi Halloween – A Disappointing But Bucket List Experience

img_8389Heidi Klum is known as the “Queen of Halloween”. Every year, for the last thirteen years or so, she’s been pulling out all the stops for thxis fun, festive and favorite holiday, often transforming herself into a completely unrecognizable character of choice.

Since this too is my favorite holiday and there is rarely a year I don’t participate, I was stoked when I found out she’d be hosting her annual fete at a local NYC restaurant, Vandal, a place I knew I had “connections”.

A week before the grand get together, I started making calls and soon enough, my name was on the coveted “guest list”.

Excited for the night’s events, I put on my costume, and though not a new one, like I normally create every year, I was ready for the showdown. I headed out the door and down Bowery at about 11:45, just in time for Heidi to arrive.

As I pulled up to the curb, the paparazzi were bountiful and the flashes were bright. No, the bright lights weren’t for me, but instead for celebrities like Nick Cannon, Zendaya and Jessie J, among others. But still no Heidi. IMG_8087.JPG

Fast forward an hour later, and soon a black sprinter approached. The crowd started chanting her name. The van moved stealthily along the sidewalk and finally parked. Before we knew it, Heidi rushed behind a black curtain and was gone as quick as the flash of the camera could capture.

img_8096But then, she emerged. She, and five of her dopplegangers exited from what seemed to resemble a large wooden shipping crate stamped “Made In Germany”. Now, you ask “Doppleganger”? Yes, unfortunately, this year, Heidi either ran out of a budget, or out of creative juices, so she came as herself, plus five look-a-likes. While it created a cool effect in the dark club, having party-goers guessing which one was the real Heidi, it was an overall lame costume for the Queen of Halloween.

And while party-goers, paparazzi and sidewalk observers made their disappointment vocal, Heidi made her way down the red carpet and into the venue for a night of clinks, drinks and dance moves.

Inside, the mood was festive but somewhat boring. A lot of the attention was focused on Heidi and not so much on having fun. And despite DJ QuestLove’s talent for spinning records, there wasn’t a lot of dancing.
Bored, I snapped a couple of shots of the supermodel in her super boring outfit and made my exit.

This batgirl needed her rest and although being in the presence of a world famous fabulous female, it was time for me to turn into a pumpkin.

As for Heidi, she’s still rich and famous and probably doesn’t have an opinion about mine, so we’ll see what she’s got for us next year.


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