Dance Like No One Is Watching – An Early Morning New York City Dance Party

db5It’s 6 AM on a Wednesday morning and my annoying alarm clock goes off (it’s annoying for a reason). I roll over and jump out of bed. Now, that isn’t normally the case as I usually hit ‘snooze’ one too many times and roll back into my 39th dream, but this particular morning was a special one – it was a ‘Daybreaker’ kind of morning.

If you’re asking yourself what “a ‘Daybreaker’ kind of morning is”, you’re in for a treat. Imagine a club like environment, packed with hundreds of your fellow New Yorkers, jamming out to the latest beats. The only difference is, this kind of partying takes place between the hours of 6 – 9 AM and exercise Endorphins replace the effects of alcohol. That’s right, a completely sober party! 

I know you’re probably still wondering what I’m talking about and how a club would be fun without alcohol, but this high energy, positive vibes venue is the perfect way to get your day started off on the right foot.

For $25, early morning risers get to revel in a rave and enjoy healthy morning snacks, the sounds of a dope DJ and an accompanying electric violinist, a live brass band (Hudson Horns), and a break dancing bear. The energy in the chosen venue is electrifying and everyone in sight is all smiles. The Daybreaker staff even greets its guests with a hug and a free cellphone sleeping bag to help you truly disconnect and convert your scrolling fingers into air waving, fist pumping hands!

What started as a late-night idea among friends in basement coffee shop based in Brooklyn, has turned into a magical morning sensation across the world (15 cities and counting). Staying true to their values – mindfulness, wellness, mischief, self-expression, and camaraderie – there is no denying Daybreaker is on to something that will set your soul on fire!db4

And although there are tons of other energizing morning exercise options out there, but for the same price (if not less) of one of those other funky fads, you’ll get an experience like none other. Unfortunately, they don’t happen everyday, or even every week, but that’s even more of a reason to take advantage of this dynamic dance sensation that is taking the country by storm.

db6Thank you, Daybreaker, for taking me out of my comfort zone (aka my bed) and greeting me with happiness and hugs, sick sounds and heart pumping performances that brought a smile to soul and a pep in my step!

For more information on this cool crew, or to buy tickets to their next pop-up early morning dance party, visit .



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