Spring Trends – A Daring Move with a New ‘Do

FullSizeRender 13After a long winter the weather is finally breaking and Spring has finally arrived. And with that so have new trends. Living in the fashion capital of the world, I am constantly surrounded by the latest in fashion and beauty and although my style is typically classic, I’m constantly tempted to try something new.

After perusing many magazines, border line stalking girls on the street whose look I loved, and going through a pretty serious game of tug of war in my mind, I finally decide to give in and let go of my long locks. Yes, I chopped off my hair…the first time in my life!

I’d seen the “lob” on many blogs, ads, and countless Instagram accounts and when I mentally decided it was time, I knew exactly who I was going to contact. The dynamic duo, Michel and Guillem, at Prive by Laurent – a high-end, professional salon in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

After I had mentally made the move, I called Michele right away to book an appointment. I did it as soon as possible because I didn’t want to have a reason to change my mind.

I’ve known Michele for years and she helped me make a big decision last summer when I  came to her for a “bronde” transformation. Loving the results, I knew she was the perfect person for the job.

On Friday evening I showed up and we got straight to work. First I sat with Guillem and explained to him what I wanted. I showed him a couple of pictures and he assured me he could bring my vision to life, and he did!

At first, I was terribly nervous. I have never had my hair this short in my life, but once I was in his hands, he made me feel secure and validated my decision to take it off! After a few snips and a few deep breaths, it was off and I felt like a new woman!

FullSizeRender 14

Once it was off, I must admit, I was in shock, but once Guillem blow dried my hair and shaped it up, I was so pleased and was off to Michele for some brightening and highlighting of my hair. I showed Michele some pictures of what I wanted and within a few hours, I was looking like a whole new woman.FullSizeRender 16From beginning to end, Guillem and Michele took my vision and turned it into reality. I’m loving my new ‘do!

To make an appointment with Guillem or Michele, contact them at Prive by Laurent Salon – 212-308-7100.


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