The Hottest Ticket in Town – Discovering the Wild World of Refinery 29’s, 29Rooms

IMG_9185As Instagram continues to take over our lives in all forms, it’s no wonder a very visually stimulating soiree of sorts was the talk of the town in New York City this past weekend. For four days, Refinery 29 hosted 29 Rooms, taking over a warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The team transformed the space into an amazingly awesome adult funhouse of style, culture and technology allowing your imagination (and inner IG photographer/model) to run wild.

Now in it’s third year, collaborating with brands and influencers like Juicy Couture, Planned Parenthood, Aldo, Jake Gyllenhal, Jason Wu and other major mentions, the Refinery 29 team took this interactive exhibit to new heights this year. The experience included everything from a life-sized snow globe, to a disco themed merry go ’round room, a wearable art photo booth, and even a room full of mechanical shredders allowing guests to let go of the past.

IMG_9421It was colorful, it was exciting, it was thought-provoking and it was packed. From Thursday to Monday, crowds flocked in waves to get a piece of the Instagrammable pie. And while last year was a bit of a cluster (lines wrapped around the block twice and people not able to get in), this year was a tad bit more organized as Refinery 29 offered tickets for sale (which of course, flew off the proverbial shelves, in seconds). Lucky for me, I know people who know people, and at the eleventh hour, snagged a VIP pass for Friday night’s cool crew access.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, blowing up my IG story one room at a time (some may have unfollowed me)! It was the perfect way to spend my Friday night and I can’t wait for next year’s reveal. (Though I may not have to wait that long because I just found out they’re launching an LA version…stay tuned for the deets!)IMG_9338




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