It’s Lit – A Journey Through “Chihuly Nights” at the New York Botanical Gardens

808BFEA3-4BB9-44A1-90C1-2369C8AD0404They’re colorful, whimsical and just plain magical. The 20 glass-blown beauties created  by Seattle-based artist, Dale Chihuly have made their mark on the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

Since April, Chihuly and his complex and creative structures have been gracing the grounds of NYBG for art and culture lovers to admire. For just a few more weeks, these interesting installations will be on display both for day tours and the well-attended “Chihuly Nights” nocturnal tour.

I had the chance to go recently, and I must say, it was well worth the $38 entrance and train ride.

Taking off from Grand Central on a Friday afternoon, we headed up towards the Fordham stop on Metro North. As the sun was setting, we arrived at the platform. Not yet nighttime, we decided we’d treat ourselves to the fabulous fare at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. With some of the tastiest and freshest Italian dishes around, I’d travel twice over to come eat here.1B90A0B5-9878-405E-BEC3-0A6603F541D7

We indulged in burrata drizzled with truffle oil, a plate of perfectly prepared pasta (big enough to feed a small army), and of course, vino!

Though we were near food coma status, we made our way over to the botanical gardens to commence our tour of these colossal colorful creations.


As we entered the gorgeous garden grounds, we were greeted with a buzzing band and a warm summer breeze. Now, I had already experienced the Chihuly charm during the day on a prior trip to the exhibit in April, but capturing their effervescent essence at night was something truly spectacular.

They came to life. They seemed to grow out of the ground, out of the sky, emerge from the dark spaces that surrounded them, like a mystical character popping out of an unknown world of enchantment.

Continuing on the path toward each next piece of art, guests marveled and stared wondering what each piece represented. Was it the sun? Was it a collection of birds? Was it a wildflower blowing in the breeze? Regardless of the interpretations, the nature-inspired creations were awe-inspiring, leaving guests with little desire to leave and go home.

Overall, observing these mystical masterpieces in the dark of night was a beautiful, magical experience. Though I would’ve preferred if the structures had been lit from the inside versus having lights shone on them from the surrounding grounds, it is well worth a trip to the Bronx. So, hurry up and get your tickets, it’s almost over and selling out fast!


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