InstaNewYork – NYC’s Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots

igIs it instaworthy? Check.

Now-a-days, that’s how we determine where our Sunday brunch will be, where we’ll meet our next Bumble date, or where we’ll go to take that perfect selfie. And while sometimes it can be overwhelming, I’m here to share my favorite top 10 Instagrammable spots in NYC to help you narrow it down. Now just remember, this isn’t in any particular order, nor is it a complete list, but just meant as a starting point to help fill up your weekend plans this weekend.

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  1. Freeman’s Alley- Down on the Lower East Side of Manhattan sits a hard-to-find street named Freeman Alley. A cute, mysterious dead-end lane in the Bowery neighborhood, this quiet street is home to one of my favorite eateries in NYC, Freemans. The street art and perfect “set” for Instagram pictures is also a huge draw and why it’s on this list.

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  2.  Little Prince French Bistro – Down Prince Street in Soho, set between two apartment buildings, sits a little French bistro with the most gorgeous green vines growing on the facade. Flower boxes and floor-to-ceiling windows frame the front of the restaurant where inside you will find Spanish-style tiles, tufted banquets and dark wood accents to create the perfect setting for a perfect meal. Inside or outside, you’re guaranteed a few likes on this one.

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  3. The Mall, Central Park – I’m sure we’ve all seen those movie scenes picturing a whimsical looking path leading through a tunnel of trees in Central Park. That my gorgeous green way is the Mall in Central Park. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, this beautiful botanical boulevard is something you can’t go without Instagramming at least once in your life.

    Photo Courtesy of Balyeat Photography
  4. Dumbo Waterfront – Down underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. That’s what DUMBO stands for. It is also probably my favorite place in New York City to photograph. Between the Empire State Building peering between the bridge on Washington Street, Jane’s Carousel and the entire waterfront overlooking the magical metropolis known as Manhattan, this quaint, brick-paved street is an absolute must!jane
  5. Brooklyn Bridge – Probably the most iconic NYC landmark (aside from the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty), is the Brooklyn Bridge. This spectacular structure dates back to the 1800’s and is visited by more than 10,000 people a day. For optimal photographic opportunities (including best lighting and limited people) head over right at sunrise! You won’t be
  6. The West Village – Home to Carrie Bradshaw’s the stoop that represented her apartment on Sex and the City, the West Village is perhaps the most quaint, charming neighborhood in all of New York City. Lined with brownstones, majestic trees and the cutest cafes and shops, these stunning streets act as the perfect backdrop for that major instagramworthy moment. Don’t worry, every street is equally as cute, so just pick one!west village
  7. Grand Central – One of the most romantic and photographed spots in all New York City is right in the middle of it all, and not even outdoors. Grand Central Station, home to the city’s commuting hub, is one of the most magical settings you ever laid your eyes on. Hustling and bustling all day long, it’ll be difficult to get no-one in your shot, but part of the beauty of this instaworthy spot is all the hubbub! Head up the stairs toward the Apple store (I know, what an awesome location for such a store), and get great lines of sight for your shot!

    Photo Courtesy of @GrandCentralNYC
  8. The Highline – For years, there was a wasteland running through the west side of Manhattan. Thanks to some of New York City’s finest preservationists and concerned citizens who sought to maintain some of NYC’s fine history, this revered rail line was saved and The Highline was born. From 14th street, all the way up to 34th Street, this elevated pedestrian park boasts some of the most stunning views, and instaworthy spots, in all Manhattan. Head up for one of their many cool events, or simply to take in the sweeping sights, this is definitely one for the ‘gram!highline.JPG
  9. Bar 65 – Many know about 30 Rock, the top of Rockefeller Center where you can get a bird’s eye view of the Big Apple. But not many know about the bar just a few floors below that is free to enter and boasts the same exact views! Head on up for a few instaworthy shots and a few sips of rose to go with it!65.JPG
  10. The Seaport- For years, Fidi, also known as the Financial District was not a place people frequented if they weren’t working. Now, thanks to a renaissance and revitalization of the area, it’s becoming a favorite of many New Yorkers. The newly renovated Seaport, waterfront boardwalk and brick-paved neighboring streets are definitely worthy of a few Instagram posts. And when you’re done there, head a few blocks south to Stone Street for a couple of shots depicting that Gang’s of New York city we see in the movies!sp

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