It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere: An Interactive Craft Cocktail Experience with Liquor Lab

29177914_10112979466641621_7841167335989679404_nNew York is the quintessential “happy hour” city where people find themselves drinking for any and every occasion, even if it’s not quite 5 o’clock. From your local pub, to the hundreds of dive bars, to the swankiest of cocktail spots,  there is certainly no shortage of watering holes to call your own. And while I’m normally the one ordering my favorite crafty cocktail of choice from any one of my top mixology maisons, recently, I was the one behind the scenes. 

On a Saturday night in Soho, I pulled up to the newly established Liquor Lab, a personalized, interactive craft cocktail experience, ready to see what the “buzz” was all about.

Perched on the 4th floor of a seemingly nondescript building on Wooster,  sits a libation “lab” ready to turn you into a mixology master.  As you pull into the space, you’re greeted with friendly faces, a small spread of snacks (that match the cocktail experience of the day, of course), and your own cocktail making ingredients and utensils to make that perfect “party in a cup”.

29177500_10112979466751401_8063017301944279182_nFor about two hours, Freddy Sarkis, the Chief Cocktail Officer at LL, teaches you (and your fellow wanna-be bartenders), just what it takes. With the ingredients already measured out to make things flow smoothly, Freddy walks you through the order, tells you how to shake (or stir) it, and then talks to you about the flavor profiles you’re experiencing. Multiply that by three cocktails, and I can tell you, it’s one heck of a bargain (and buzz), if you ask me. 29101327_10112979466656591_7887625547379033858_n

Naturally, as I pretended to be a master mixologist, I got to thinking –  What would make someone think of such a cool concept? So, of course, I had to ask LL’s founder, Owen Meyer, what inspired his love for all things liquor. Here’s what he had to say:


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