Road Trippin’ – My Top 5 Favorite Weekend Escapes Within Four Hours of NYC

26-subway-map-1.nocrop.w536.h2147483647Road trips are typically associated with summer. You know, convertibles, hair blowin’ in the wind, music blaring. It’s the quintessential summer movie scene. But thanks to NYC’s central proximity to other cool cities, it’s easy to hit the road and drive, any time of year. Here are my top five favorite weekend escapes within four hours of the Big Apple – Continue reading “Road Trippin’ – My Top 5 Favorite Weekend Escapes Within Four Hours of NYC”

Endless Summer – Planning Your Final Summer Fête in NYC

With temperatures dropping faster than my credit card at a New York City sample sale, it is clear summer is drawing to a close. And while I’m somewhat sad about it, I’m here to tell you that you still have a few weeks left to get in a few extra hours of your favorite summer social activities. Here are the top five activities you can participate in for the next few weeks, while Fall slowly creeps up on us – Continue reading “Endless Summer – Planning Your Final Summer Fête in NYC”

An Affair to Remember – Diner En Blanc 2017

ev1Every year, 5,000 New Yorkers gather in various meeting locations throughout the Big Apple anxiously awaiting the reveal of a secret location for the fanciest picnic of all – Diner En Blanc.

If you read my post last year, you know all about this seriously swanky event. But if you didn’t, just imagine 5,000 strangers gathered under the moonlight, for an all-white epic DIY picnic. That’s right, revelers are required to bring their own food, drinks, table, seats, decor and everything else needed to set up a dashing dinner al fresco.  Continue reading “An Affair to Remember – Diner En Blanc 2017”

A Night At The Museum: The 39th Annual Museum Mile

IMG_3521Every summer, the Upper East Side blocks off 5th Avenue from vehicles and opens the doors to several of the neighborhood’s museums (think The MET, Guggenheim, Cooper Hewitt, etc) for a free night of fun, new friends and awesome exhibits.

Now, you might be thinking, aren’t most of them free anyway? Well, the answer is yes, but this is more than just visiting a museum for free. It’s about community engagement and of course, a vehicle-free 5th Ave! Continue reading “A Night At The Museum: The 39th Annual Museum Mile”