It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere: An Interactive Craft Cocktail Experience with Liquor Lab

29177914_10112979466641621_7841167335989679404_nNew York is the quintessential “happy hour” city where people find themselves drinking for any and every occasion, even if it’s not quite 5 o’clock. From your local pub, to the hundreds of dive bars, to the swankiest of cocktail spots,  there is certainly no shortage of watering holes to call your own. And while I’m normally the one ordering my favorite crafty cocktail of choice from any one of my top mixology maisons, recently, I was the one behind the scenes.  Continue reading “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere: An Interactive Craft Cocktail Experience with Liquor Lab”


Blacktail – A Cuban Cocktail Club Lands in Lower Manhattan

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times 

At a time when Cuba seems to be the topic of conversation, and closer than ever before, a new Cuban-themed cocktail bar and restaurant, is sure to be a hit. Part speakeasy, part time capsule, this new local watering hole is the latest bar to emerge on the southern tip of Manhattan. Brought to you by the guys who put together one of New York City’s most famed libation lairs, The Dead Rabbit (just blocks from the new bar), Blacktail makes a landing in Battery Park, a redeveloping hood in lower Manhattan. Continue reading “Blacktail – A Cuban Cocktail Club Lands in Lower Manhattan”

The Magic of Monte – The Dish on New Drinks at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge

holidayWhat do you get when you mix a badass bartender, a historic watering hole, some Amaro Montenegro (aka “Monte”) and a dinosaur? One kickass cocktail (or maybe several).

When I walked into the Holiday Cocktail Lounge down in the East Village, I really didn’t know what to expect. By the sound of it, I thought I might walk into Santa’s village or a winter wonderland. But much to my surprise, and although the name was deceiving, this night of crafty cocktails and cool conversations was anything but disappointing. Continue reading “The Magic of Monte – The Dish on New Drinks at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge”

What’s the Password? – An Insider’s Guide to NYC’s Sexy Speakeasies

The lights, the glitz, the glam… the traffic, the noise, the hustle and bustle. It can all be very overwhelming and can easily burn out your sensory circuit no matter what time of day it is. But just when you think you’ve discovered it all, you just might stumble upon another little hidden gem in New York’s speakeasy circuit.

Now, they’re not exactly hard to find, but they aren’t part of your daily grind either. employees-only_s345x230Like most speakeasies, these clandestine cocktail caves, are typically reserved to the underground, back-of-the-shop, down-an-alley kind of locale. The history behind these secret speakeasies goes as follows –

Continue reading “What’s the Password? – An Insider’s Guide to NYC’s Sexy Speakeasies”