Brews & Bites – Pith Pops Up At the Bronx Brewery For a Night of Sensory Experience

beerWhen 21 year old Chef Jonah Reider and the guys of Bronx Brewery get together, there’s no doubt it’s going to be an amazing affair. Not just because beer and food are a life staple, but because Reider’s story is one for the books.

Now a senior at Columbia University, Reider founded Pith, a dining experience based out of his Columbia dorm room at Hogan Hall. Yes, you read right – a supper club in his dorm room! With only four spots per seating, and open only four nights per week at his off-campus apartment, the waiting list to dine with Jonah is more than 1,000 people deep. Continue reading “Brews & Bites – Pith Pops Up At the Bronx Brewery For a Night of Sensory Experience”

Food, Festivals & Friends – A “Well-Balanced” Weekend in New York City

IMG_0806Having just completed its seventh year, the New York City Wine & Food Festival (NYCWFF) is one of the most highly anticipated events of the entire year. Attended by foodies, celebrity chefs and well, just about everyone in NYC, this mega food and wine weekend-long series of events is more than just about the drinking and the dining – its about meeting new people from all across the world, learning the art of food, and most importantly, bringing people together for a great cause – ending world hunger! Continue reading “Food, Festivals & Friends – A “Well-Balanced” Weekend in New York City”