Invading Places – When Dashing Dinners Meet Ridiculous Real Estate

DSC_1050What do you get when you mix a remarkable meal with a stranger’s magical maison? PlaceInvaders of course!

PlaceInvaders is a one-of-a-kind secret supper club popping up in random residences across America.

In 2014, Katie Smith-Adair and Hagan Blount, two travel and food enthusiasts, combined their love of these two things launching this special project. Their first takeover was in a small, but stunning taxidermy-filled apartment in New York City’s burgeoning, Lower East Side.

With some trials and tribulations along the way, there was much to be learned, but also many friends and memories to be made. Katie and Hagan have now hosted 111 individual events throughout 12 cities, since, and they aren’t stopping any time soon. Continue reading “Invading Places – When Dashing Dinners Meet Ridiculous Real Estate”

Bunnies, Bonnets & Bagels – An NYC Easter Sunday Review

IMG_3175Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down…5th Avenue? Yup! This ain’t your traditional Easter ya know? Since the 1870s, the New York City Easter Bonnet Festival has been a cultural hit on Easter Sunday, generation after generation. No matter how old, where you’re from, or even what your religion, there’s no one who doesn’t enjoy the stunning (and silly) sights of the bright and beautiful bonnets that line 5th Avenue between 51st and 55th Streets in Midtown Manhattan! At its peak, it drew over a million people from across the world!

Though it has no real religious significance, it celebrates the new life that Spring breathes into the City. The bright and festive colors and creativity put into the creation of these crowns is something you can’t miss.

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A Feast I Fancy – An NYC Restaurant Review

americancut2We all know there are tons of things to do in New York City, but dining out happens to be one of my favorites. With so many places to go, yet so little time (and money) to cover them all, I’ve been keeping a log of those coveted spots I’m dying to check out, marking them with an “X” to demarcate I’ve conquered some of my grubbing goals. And while the list is seemingly never ending, I’m making myself a promise never to visit the same place twice (at least not if it’s up to me). So as part of my “No Restaurant Left Behind” pledge to my foodie self, check out five of my latest “Nibbles with Nikki” restaurant reviews – Continue reading “A Feast I Fancy – An NYC Restaurant Review”