A “Top-Nosh” Pop-up – Award Winning Chefs Serve Up Dining Deliciousness at the Seaport Food Lab

IMG_0023Earlier this summer, eight award winning chefs launched a foodie’s dream come true – the Seaport Food Lab. A unique pop-up dining experience nestled in a formerly empty space of the Financial District’s new Seaport area, this pre-fixe party represents the culinary mastery of some of the gastro giants of the eating arena. Names like Dale Talde, Wylie Dufresne, and Alon Shaya, among others, are taking downtown by storm with their never-before tasted creations. Continue reading “A “Top-Nosh” Pop-up – Award Winning Chefs Serve Up Dining Deliciousness at the Seaport Food Lab”


Eating is Knowing – A Feast of New Friends, Food & Fabulousness

(Photo: Liam Quigley)

When you encounter a night of fabulous food, fun and new friends, it’s pretty much like winning the lottery. But when it’s put together by food design enthusiast Misha Volf and curious chef extraordinaire Aimee Hunter, we’re talking about a whole new level of things!

Upon first learning about this experience and writing about it, I really didn’t know what to expect, I just knew it was going to be an unforgettable night… and that it was. Continue reading “Eating is Knowing – A Feast of New Friends, Food & Fabulousness”

Very Vegan – Friday Night Nosh at the Natural Gourmet Institute

ngiSometimes low key and cool is the way to go when choosing your dining options in NYC. Sure there are a bevy of beautiful restaurants with fab fare, but every once in a while, you come across a hidden gem and it’s just as amazing an experience as anything else, if not better.

When a girlfriend of mine started posting picture perfect dishes on Facebook a few months ago, I was wondering where she had ordered from. I quickly came to discover, she was a student at the Natural Gourmet Institute – an institute leader in health-supportive culinary education since 1977. Continue reading “Very Vegan – Friday Night Nosh at the Natural Gourmet Institute”

A Feast I Fancy – An NYC Restaurant Review

americancut2We all know there are tons of things to do in New York City, but dining out happens to be one of my favorites. With so many places to go, yet so little time (and money) to cover them all, I’ve been keeping a log of those coveted spots I’m dying to check out, marking them with an “X” to demarcate I’ve conquered some of my grubbing goals. And while the list is seemingly never ending, I’m making myself a promise never to visit the same place twice (at least not if it’s up to me). So as part of my “No Restaurant Left Behind” pledge to my foodie self, check out five of my latest “Nibbles with Nikki” restaurant reviews – Continue reading “A Feast I Fancy – An NYC Restaurant Review”