InstaNewYork – NYC’s Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots

igIs it instaworthy? Check.

Now-a-days, that’s how we determine where our Sunday brunch will be, where we’ll meet our next Bumble date, or where we’ll go to take that perfect selfie. And while sometimes it can be overwhelming, I’m here to share my favorite top 10 Instagrammable spots in NYC to help you narrow it down. Now just remember, this isn’t in any particular order, nor is it a complete list, but just meant as a starting point to help fill up your weekend plans this weekend.

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Take Flight – A Whirlybird’s Eye View of the Empire State

IMG_1105As you traverse New York City, you can’t help but feel like a mere spec on this map. Giant buildings above, long subway tunnels below, and of course, millions of people all around you. But no matter how big the “apple” may be, you always feel like the sky is the limit. And while most times it is, last night, I went soaring above that, with no limits in site. Yes, I took flight in a helicopter to get a perspective of this majestic metropolis, not many have seen. Continue reading “Take Flight – A Whirlybird’s Eye View of the Empire State”