Bringing Bud Into the Mix: A Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience with ‘Chef for Higher’

image (1)Momma always said, “Eat your greens”. And though we usually avoid taking her advice, this year we complied. In honor of 4/20, the highly revered unofficial holiday praising everyone’s favorite green plant, pot, we indulged in a night of edibles and edification. Continue reading “Bringing Bud Into the Mix: A Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience with ‘Chef for Higher’”


Inspiring Interiors – Taking a Look at New York City from the Inside, Out

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As I stroll the streets of New York City, I am constantly inspired by the amazing architecture that surrounds me. It is old world, meets new world, meets everything in between, but definitely always awe-inspiring and fabulous. I mean, after all, this is New York and we wouldn’t expect anything less.

But just beyond those enchanting exteriors decorating New York’s famous skyline, are the incredible interiors that support them. And since we wouldn’t know what’s behind door number 1 (or 2 or 2,000) unless we visited each one of them, I’m giving you an inside look at some of Gotham’s greatest gems – hotels, landmarks, restaurants and even transportation hubs. Come take a look! Continue reading “Inspiring Interiors – Taking a Look at New York City from the Inside, Out”

You Are What You Eat – A New Way to Dine, Pop-Up Style

fodderSupper clubs were all the rage back in the day. They consisted of elegant evenings attended by glamorous party goers and were typically hosted at exclusive venues. These high-class culinary experiences included the who’s who of society and served as social gatherings for the elite.

Fast forward to modern day, and these once fancy feasts have really taken on a new style. While some remain within the traditional vain of the original supper club series, others, like Fodder, delve into the actual food, educating our eating choices, pop-up style. Continue reading “You Are What You Eat – A New Way to Dine, Pop-Up Style”

All Aboard – A Little Mangia Outside of Manhattan

FullSizeRenderSometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone and be spontaneous to discover some of the greatest things life has to offer – or at least some of the greatest things New York has to offer.

With this weekend (Valentine’s Weekend) being one of the coldest in record history, I could only think of one way to keep warm – eating, of course! A staunch lover of all things Italian, naturally I wanted pizza and pasta to get me through these cold winter days (what’s new?). I had heard of a little known place just north of Manhattan, in New York’s most northern borough, the Bronx, and while tons of options exist in the City, I decided to be a bit adventurous and explore one of New York’s oldest and greatest well-kept secrets,  Arthur AvenueContinue reading “All Aboard – A Little Mangia Outside of Manhattan”