Bringing Bud Into the Mix: A Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience with ‘Chef for Higher’

image (1)Momma always said, “Eat your greens”. And though we usually avoid taking her advice, this year we complied. In honor of 4/20, the highly revered unofficial holiday praising everyone’s favorite green plant, pot, we indulged in a night of edibles and edification. Continue reading “Bringing Bud Into the Mix: A Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience with ‘Chef for Higher’”


Valentine’s Venues – New York’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants

Photo Courtesy of: Thomas Stegelman

Just one week away, it can be overwhelming deciding where you and “bae” will cuddle up and dine for V-day. But with no shortage of romantic restaurants in sight, I’ve created a list of the Top 5 most romantic restaurants in all the 212 (or 347, 917, 646… you get the picture). Check out Nikki’s favorite fab five for Tuesday’s dreamy dining destination – Continue reading “Valentine’s Venues – New York’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants”

Invading Places – When Dashing Dinners Meet Ridiculous Real Estate

DSC_1050What do you get when you mix a remarkable meal with a stranger’s magical maison? PlaceInvaders of course!

PlaceInvaders is a one-of-a-kind secret supper club popping up in random residences across America.

In 2014, Katie Smith-Adair and Hagan Blount, two travel and food enthusiasts, combined their love of these two things launching this special project. Their first takeover was in a small, but stunning taxidermy-filled apartment in New York City’s burgeoning, Lower East Side.

With some trials and tribulations along the way, there was much to be learned, but also many friends and memories to be made. Katie and Hagan have now hosted 111 individual events throughout 12 cities, since, and they aren’t stopping any time soon. Continue reading “Invading Places – When Dashing Dinners Meet Ridiculous Real Estate”

You Are What You Eat – A New Way to Dine, Pop-Up Style

fodderSupper clubs were all the rage back in the day. They consisted of elegant evenings attended by glamorous party goers and were typically hosted at exclusive venues. These high-class culinary experiences included the who’s who of society and served as social gatherings for the elite.

Fast forward to modern day, and these once fancy feasts have really taken on a new style. While some remain within the traditional vain of the original supper club series, others, like Fodder, delve into the actual food, educating our eating choices, pop-up style. Continue reading “You Are What You Eat – A New Way to Dine, Pop-Up Style”