Then She Fell – Exploring Alice’s Whimsical World in Brooklyn

1438559523171Beyond Manhattan’s borders sits one of my other favorite boroughs, Brooklyn. Easy to get to and with a cool factor of 10 (on a 1 to 10 scale), this New York neighborhood is replete with fab, fun and definitely funky, things to do. Now, I don’t know if Brooklynites drink a different water than we do on the other side of the river, but there’s just a certain “coolness” to those who claim this burgeoning borough, “home”.

Of course, wanting to sit at the cool kids table, I definitely drink the Kool-Aid when believing that Brooklyn has some of the best New York City has to offer. Whether a new dining destination, an art exhibit or a funky mixture of both, New York’s niftiest nabe has something for everyone. Continue reading “Then She Fell – Exploring Alice’s Whimsical World in Brooklyn”