Venture Out – Where City Dwellers Go to Be One With Nature

22045737_10111979947336321_2243199055761623571_nThere’s a famous quote that says, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than she seeks”. And nothing could be more true, especially in Upstate New York.

Over the course of three years since I have lived in New York City, I have made it a point to get out of town and be one with nature every couple of months. It is the perfect way to reflect, recharge and find a path to peace. Continue reading “Venture Out – Where City Dwellers Go to Be One With Nature”


New York’s Nectar Newbie

“In a New York Minute”. That’s how us New Yorkers live our lives – hurried, hustling and hectic. So finding time to eat, with such on-the-go schedules, is difficult. And when we do, we spend loads of money for access to convenient meal options, often ingesting unrecognizable ingredients into our bodies. Enter Pure Green.

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Class Pass Craze

IMG_6968Searching for a fun way to explore the City and meet new people, I was recently introduced to the latest fitness fad, ClassPass.

Curious to understand what the craze was all about, I researched it and much to my surprise learned that for $100 a month, I could access hundreds of fitness classes throughout the five boroughs (yes, even the really popular ones like FlyWheel).

A fitness fan myself, I signed up immediately and am pretty impressed with my experience thus far. Because some of these classes can be somewhere around $30 per class, this membership is a great deal… plus, I never get bored! Continue reading “Class Pass Craze”