Raving About Rao’s – An Exclusive New York City Dining Experience

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThere aren’t too many New York culinary institutions I haven’t been to. Since I moved to NYC in 2015, exploring and discovering New York City’s finest dining destinations has been a favorite past time of mine. I’ve established a policy where I try not to eat at the same place twice. The reason? There are just too many amazing options to consider and I’m trying to get to as many as I possibly can! But last night was a little bit of a different story. Continue reading “Raving About Rao’s – An Exclusive New York City Dining Experience”


Bringing Bud Into the Mix: A Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience with ‘Chef for Higher’

image (1)Momma always said, “Eat your greens”. And though we usually avoid taking her advice, this year we complied. In honor of 4/20, the highly revered unofficial holiday praising everyone’s favorite green plant, pot, we indulged in a night of edibles and edification. Continue reading “Bringing Bud Into the Mix: A Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience with ‘Chef for Higher’”

Le Diner En Blanc – A Secret Picnic with 5,000 of Your Closest New Yorkers

img_6318What do you get when you invite 5,000 New Yorkers to a fancy picnic at a secret location? Le Diner En Blanc, of course. What started as a small idea, has grown into a world wide phenomenon with waiting lists as long as the circumference of the equator!

In 1988, after being abroad for part of the summer, Francois Pasquier had the grand idea to invite a small group of friends to a fancy fete like they’d never experienced.  He instructed each of them to wear white so they’d be able to find each other in the Parc de Bagatelle in Paris and the first official Dîner en Blanc was born. They loved the idea so much, the following year they decided each person would invite other friends and 25 years later, the event has grown into the global glam picnic it has become, with thousands of people attending, and that many more on a wait list, hoping for their chance at this one-of-a-kind celebration.  Continue reading “Le Diner En Blanc – A Secret Picnic with 5,000 of Your Closest New Yorkers”

The Low Down on Chowding Down in NYC

IMG_7225Ever ask yourself “Where should I go to dinner tonight?”, “Where should I take my guests to dine when they come visit?”, etc.? I know I do, and I feel like this is the never ending debate that can literally go on forever. Why? Well, whether you’re in search of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a late night snack, there are so many dining destinations, your head will spin. With more than 16,000 full service eating establishments (and that’s not including cafeterias, counter service, or the like), choosing where to chow down can sometimes feel like the world’s biggest battle. So, being the food lover that I am, I made a personal decision to stay away from repeating restaurants and am trying to enjoy a new eatery for every occasion. To make it easy, I’ve come up with a list of go-to’s (stored on my iPhone “Notes” section for easy access and recall), and check them off after I’ve checked them out.

Continue reading “The Low Down on Chowding Down in NYC”