Global Citizen Festival – A Rockin’ Time for a Good Cause

img_6685The typical┬ásituation is celebrities behaving badly, breaking the rules and setting a bad example for the hundreds of thousands of people who follow their every move. But when the gliteratti get together for a noble cause you wonder if that could even be possible. Well, I’m here to tell you that it can. Enter, Global Citizen Festival.

What started as a “humble idea” has come a long way in the six years it’s been in production. Just before it’s inauguration in 2o12, co-founder Ryan Gall was a documentary film maker and part time philanthropist, hosting nominal events in his area. Continue reading “Global Citizen Festival – A Rockin’ Time for a Good Cause”


Class Pass Craze

IMG_6968Searching for a fun way to explore the City and meet new people, I was recently introduced to the latest fitness fad, ClassPass.

Curious to understand what the craze was all about, I researched it and much to my surprise learned that for $100 a month, I could access hundreds of fitness classes throughout the five boroughs (yes, even the really popular ones like FlyWheel).

A fitness fan myself, I signed up immediately and am pretty impressed with my experience thus far. Because some of these classes can be somewhere around $30 per class, this membership is a great deal… plus, I never get bored! Continue reading “Class Pass Craze”