The Big Guy on Bowery – Tao Group’s new ‘Vandal’ Opens with Major Street Cred

frontFrom uptown to downtown and everywhere in between, the Tao Group has been gracing the New York restaurant scene with glamorous go-to’s for years. Whether it’s the swanky Asian ambiance at Tao Downtown, luxurious lounging at Lavo in Midtown, or a part pawn shop, part speakeasy restaurant on the Lower East Side, Beauty & Essex, Tao Group’s magic touch seems to turn everything to gold – and a definite happening hot spot.

And just when you think they’re done dousing you with fabulousness, Chef Chris Santos (Stanton Social) and the Tao boys combined forces to set up yet another Gotham gem with some serious street cred, Vandal. Continue reading “The Big Guy on Bowery – Tao Group’s new ‘Vandal’ Opens with Major Street Cred”

What’s the Password? – An Insider’s Guide to NYC’s Sexy Speakeasies

The lights, the glitz, the glam… the traffic, the noise, the hustle and bustle. It can all be very overwhelming and can easily burn out your sensory circuit no matter what time of day it is. But just when you think you’ve discovered it all, you just might stumble upon another little hidden gem in New York’s speakeasy circuit.

Now, they’re not exactly hard to find, but they aren’t part of your daily grind either. employees-only_s345x230Like most speakeasies, these clandestine cocktail caves, are typically reserved to the underground, back-of-the-shop, down-an-alley kind of locale. The history behind these secret speakeasies goes as follows –

Continue reading “What’s the Password? – An Insider’s Guide to NYC’s Sexy Speakeasies”