A Love Letter to New York City

A year ago today I wrote this. The feelings remain…

nycToday, I had a lengthy conversation about why I love the city I now call home – New York City. It is often the case where people ask me why I made the decision to move to one of the most expensive, tough, chew you up and spit you out kind of cities in the world. When they do, I reply with one simple answer –

Never in my life have I been more fulfilled by anything or anyone. Whether I’m exploring the city “alone” or embracing the millions of people (friends or not), New York is me. New York is about me. New York makes me who I am. It is what I believe in. And some would even venture to agree when I say, “New York is my boyfriend!” It is a perpetual love affair, I hope never dies.

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A Sexy Subway Stroll – The 2016 Annual No Pants Subway Ride Event

Underneath the glitz (and grit) of Gotham, exists a city all its own – the New York City subway system. It’s a crazy, wild, scary and often funny place. As a daily subway commuter, I’ve seen it all – drunkards, drummers, and drama queens, and everything in between. With more than four million straphangers passing through on a daily basis, its without a doubt you’ll witness some pretty remarkable things. Continue reading “A Sexy Subway Stroll – The 2016 Annual No Pants Subway Ride Event”

Happy Holidays – A Night with the Radio City Rockettes

IMG_4357 3Since 1932, the Radio City Rockettes have been kickin’ high across the stage at Radio City Music Hall in Midtown Manhattan. This dance company, founded in 1925 in St. Louis by Russell Markert, originally performed as the “Missouri Rockets”. They were then brought to New York City a few years later and were named the “Roxyettes” after their namesake owner, Samuel Roxy Rothafel. Not long after, they were renamed the “Rockettes”. Continue reading “Happy Holidays – A Night with the Radio City Rockettes”

Fun on the Farm – A Fabulous Fall Day of Apple Picking & More

apple2When I first discovered apple picking a couple years ago, I promised myself I would make it a yearly tradition during the crisp fall months. Usually lasting from late August to late October, the apple picking harvest is a family friendly fun activity to embark on during this season. So this season, I decided to contact the Orange County Tourism Board for some suggestions on where to go. Continue reading “Fun on the Farm – A Fabulous Fall Day of Apple Picking & More”