Blacktail – A Cuban Cocktail Club Lands in Lower Manhattan

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times 

At a time when Cuba seems to be the topic of conversation, and closer than ever before, a new Cuban-themed cocktail bar and restaurant, is sure to be a hit. Part speakeasy, part time capsule, this new local watering hole is the latest bar to emerge on the southern tip of Manhattan. Brought to you by the guys who put together one of New York City’s most famed libation lairs, The Dead Rabbit (just blocks from the new bar), Blacktail makes a landing in Battery Park, a redeveloping hood in lower Manhattan. Continue reading “Blacktail – A Cuban Cocktail Club Lands in Lower Manhattan”


You Are What You Eat – A New Way to Dine, Pop-Up Style

fodderSupper clubs were all the rage back in the day. They consisted of elegant evenings attended by glamorous party goers and were typically hosted at exclusive venues. These high-class culinary experiences included the who’s who of society and served as social gatherings for the elite.

Fast forward to modern day, and these once fancy feasts have really taken on a new style. While some remain within the traditional vain of the original supper club series, others, like Fodder, delve into the actual food, educating our eating choices, pop-up style. Continue reading “You Are What You Eat – A New Way to Dine, Pop-Up Style”

Brews & Bites – Pith Pops Up At the Bronx Brewery For a Night of Sensory Experience

beerWhen 21 year old Chef Jonah Reider and the guys of Bronx Brewery get together, there’s no doubt it’s going to be an amazing affair. Not just because beer and food are a life staple, but because Reider’s story is one for the books.

Now a senior at Columbia University, Reider founded Pith, a dining experience based out of his Columbia dorm room at Hogan Hall. Yes, you read right – a supper club in his dorm room! With only four spots per seating, and open only four nights per week at his off-campus apartment, the waiting list to dine with Jonah is more than 1,000 people deep. Continue reading “Brews & Bites – Pith Pops Up At the Bronx Brewery For a Night of Sensory Experience”

Art, Adventure & Apotheke – A Long Weekend in the Big City

IMG_0611Long weekends. Oh how we love them. As New Yorkers work hard, we also play hard, and when a long weekend like last week’s Columbus Day rolled around, I was so excited to have yet another Monday (or any day for that matter) off. The only problem is, what do you do with all that extra time?

Well, if you ask me, I’ll have no problem whipping something right up for you. And it goes a little something like this… Continue reading “Art, Adventure & Apotheke – A Long Weekend in the Big City”