Bunnies, Bonnets & Bagels – An NYC Easter Sunday Review

IMG_3175Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down…5th Avenue? Yup! This ain’t your traditional Easter ya know? Since the 1870s, the New York City Easter Bonnet Festival has been a cultural hit on Easter Sunday, generation after generation. No matter how old, where you’re from, or even what your religion, there’s no one who doesn’t enjoy the stunning (and silly) sights of the bright and beautiful bonnets that line 5th Avenue between 51st and 55th Streets in Midtown Manhattan! At its peak, it drew over a million people from across the world!

Though it has no real religious significance, it celebrates the new life that Spring breathes into the City. The bright and festive colors and creativity put into the creation of these crowns is something you can’t miss.

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A Historic Moment Celebrated in New York City – The Popular Pontiff Makes His Way Through the Big Apple

popeFor months, people across the U.S. have been anticipating the arrival of a very special guest – Pope Francis. We’ve been hearing about it in the news, seen the preparations taking place, and many of us, myself included, even entered a drawing to win tickets to see the popular Pontiff.

After a highly publicized, and historic, visit to the land of my roots, Cuba, Pope Francis made the journey to the U.S. for a multi-city tour. On Tuesday, September 22nd, the People’s Pope as he’s known, landed in Washington, DC where he celebrated with national leaders, including President Obama, as well as some of our nation’s less fortunate, the homeless living in our Nation’s capitol. Throughout his stay in Washington, he addressed Congress in one of the most powerful, inspiring speeches ever made before our nation’s representatives. The message transcended religious choice, age, and ethnic background – it was one calling for peace, encouraging law makers to work together towards solutions that would benefit us all. Continue reading “A Historic Moment Celebrated in New York City – The Popular Pontiff Makes His Way Through the Big Apple”